Wednesday, December 7, 2022
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Acnes Cypress boots


If ever a bad word was said about a pair of ACNE boots, my ears were not present to bear witness. And such is their quality that I can easily believe no-one would find cause to quarrel with them; my own two pairs of Pistol boots shall be, I am confident, faithful to the last.

I suppose it is a not-yet-documented rule of the curated wardrobe that if you find something that meets that golden trifecta – quality, comfort, and style – it is probably worthwhile investing in it. While I can’t vouch for the comfort factor of ACNEs Cypress boots as I have not yet owned any, the quality in person seems very much worthy of the spend. So too is the design, with its buckle detail and classic rounded toe they have always struck me as sitting somewhere between tough-as-nails Western and elegant aristocratic equestrian.


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