Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice


Have you ever thought that batman and superman would fight?who do you think would win?

Well, this is real life everyone and the movie is already out. Bruce Wayne also known as batman came to metropolis for a business meeting when he got there he met Clark also Known as superman as they where discussing on the business then a monster attacked the city so both of them ran to different directions and changed into their costumes and went to save the day so superman got there first.

As superman wanted to beat the bad guy up batman just came and stole the spotlight and captured the guy so superman started arguing why he came batman didn’t have any thing to say so superman and batman started fighting. So they ended the fight with a big bash. So the guy they captured escaped and destroyed the city half way then wonder woman came and tried to stop the bad guy but couldn’t so he called both of them to see their mess and as they saw it and they said sorry and decided to work with each other. So the three of them worked together and they defeated the monster.