Friday, January 27, 2023
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Get that unique Zara look


Too much of the world both Zara and Mango (MNG as the latter is known in Australia) are just two high-street stores that loom over virtually every street corner. And in those cities of saturation one might consider that there’s no competition: like Zara’s 8 million+ Facebook fans to Mangos sub-2 million, the former simply overshadows the latter. But what about those places in which Zara presence hasn’t yet been felt?

Zara, of course, has a power that cannot be understated. They are a manufacturing powerhouse. A fashion brand that wins not on fashion, but on logistics. It is no real surprise that they could come in and sweep the Australian fashion scene like a gargantuan broom; nor is it really a surprise that, with Zara’s first stores only now opening in Australia, our retail scene turned out to be just dust for the sweeping.

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