How to Prevent and Treat Knee and Ankle Pain


Many of the same measures used to treat knee problems can be used to prevent them in the first place. For example, staying physically active and maintaining a healthy weight – or losing weight if you are overweight – can relieve knee pain and reduce the risk of knee osteoarthritis.

Doing exercises to strengthen leg muscles and taking proper precautions against sports injuries can prevent problems both now and down the road.

The following tips can help:

• Stretch and warm up before exercise. Cool down afterward.
• Don’t overdo it. If you experience knee pain when exercising, stop and cool down.
 Wear properly fitting shoes.
 Avoid running on hard surfaces like asphalt and concrete when possible.
• Avoid twisting your knees.
 Wear protective sports equipment.
 Stop exercising if you injure your knee and seek treatment.