How to Travel Fashionably on a Long Flight


When you’ve got a long flight ahead of you, picking out the proper outfit can be tricky and a toll.As a fashionista, you can’t abandon your inner fashion; it’s your passion, it’s what you live for. considering you’ll be sitting (maybe even sleeping) for long hours, you’d want to be dressed comfortably.

What to Wear

Avoid long skirts and maxi dresses. That is unless you like pat downs. Airport security will pull you aside and check you over – they need to be sure you don’t have anything hidden under that comfortable flowing attire. Plus do you really want to wear a dress when you may have to be sitting on the ground? Think about it, what if you should get stuck at the airport for some unexpected delay? I’ve been caught out in the pig pens they call holding bays when suddenly they make the announcement that the flight has been delayed. So glad I had on my comfy pants as I sat on the floor for two hours.

Wear layers. The plane can get very chilly, but if for whatever reason you’re late for your connecting flight or on ground transport you’ll be forced to run – or, at least, walk at a very brisk pace to meet your connection, making you hot and sweaty. So having a top layer you can take off, and throw over your arm, is best. Bonus –  the top layer then becomes a pillow should you miss your connection and be stuck in transit for many unexpected hours.

Wear things that fold into a pillow. I have a North Face puffer down jacket that I take with me when I travel to colder destinations. It rolls up and makes my head happy. Hoodies also work wonders.

Wear something that you can keep on for the next 24 hours. It’s no joke that bags get lost. Last year in Athens I was without my bags for 24 hours. Luckily, I had on a decent outfit and had essential make-up with me. Think before you get on the plane in that tracksuit.

Wear clothes that don’t restrict you. DVT is a big deal. Life-threatening even. Nothing tight, please.

Wear natural, breathable fabrics. Cotton and wool are perfect choices.

Wear something with pockets. Stuck in the middle seat and want something – easy when you have a jacket or pants with pockets that you can keep gum, phone and your travel documents in.

Wear something long and big – almost like a blanket. I traveled from Dubai to Singapore without an airline blanket last year – seems that the airline miscounted the number of them on a packed flight, or some greedy chat stole mine – either way I would have been frozen without my super long black pashmina. (did I say how cold planes can get on overnight flights enough yet?) Another good choice is to take a light batwing sleeve jumper – you can throw it in your bag –  check out this Citizen one.

Wear sunglasses. Yes really, I just said sunglasses. Two reasons. One – have you seen how horrid you look after 12 or more hours of interrupted sleep – or worse no sleep? Two – there is always a time when the airline hostess forces the shades up on approach to landing – and you may just want 30 minutes more sleep – sunglasses help. Throw a pair (in a hard cover case like this one) in your bag and you’re set.