Plan Check: Modern American Cuisine


New American cuisine, also known as Modern American cuisine, or Contemporary American cuisine, is a term referring to the wave of modernized cooking predominantly served at upscale fine dining restaurants in the United States, originating in the 1980s.

New American cuisine is generally a type of fusion cuisine which assimilates flavors from the melting pot of traditional American cooking techniques mixed with foreign and sometimes molecular gastronomy components.

It features innovative use of seasoning and sauces. Originally based on French, Nouvelle, and United States cuisine, New American has since progressed to include elements of Asian, Latin American, Mediterranean, and other cuisines.

Many dishes that are widely popular were imported from Europe and Mexico. For example, apple pies, pizza, runzas, chowder, and hamburgers are all derived from, European dishes. Burritos and tacos similarly have their origins in Mexico.

There is much regional variation in the United States. Notable regional styles include Hawaiian cuisine, Cajun cuisine, and New England cuisine. Each is a part of the larger category of American cuisine, each influences the others, and each is served nationwide.

Most American cuisine developed as home cooking rather than haute cuisine. Typical foods include a large variety of beef, pork and chicken dishes, baked beans, barbecue, and clam chowder, not to mention the American-style candy bars and fast-food items that have been exported globally.