Social Media is Changing the Fashion Industry


or many fashion brands, social media is no longer a ‘gimmick’ used during fashion weeks to create a buzz, but a serious part of their social strategy.

These days social media campaigns are equally as important. After all, a well-landed social campaign can see any fashion brand hit headlines, create a buzz as well as result in coveted consumer engagement.

Instagram seems to be the fashion world’s platform of choice. Figures by digital marketing agency Greenlight show that there have been 5,602 Instagram posts using #LFW2016 in the month leading up to London Fashion Week 2016, compared with 1,178 Twitter mentions over the same timeframe. In sharp contrast, last year saw more than 6,000 twitter mentions using #LFW2015.

Since its inception six years ago, Instagram seems to have been steadily developed and lovingly adopted by fashion brands. But when it first started off, it was mainly seen as a “gimmick”.

“Like with all social platforms, Instagram was a bit of a gimmick to start off with. Many fashion brands saw it as just another platform they’d have to invest in and were unsure if it could be bigger than Twitter. But fashion brands quickly clocked that Instagram could be a hugely beneficial tool for them.

The visual nature of the platform means that brands aren’t just able to show off their products – they can also sell a lifestyle.