The Princess Bride


Just breathtaking, a moment in time to be remembered for a lifetime! Finally, the gown by designer Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, absolute perfection. As I sit here this morning having my coffee and scone I cant shake the chill bumps of this momentous occasion. Happy Friday everyone, that is all I am going to say about that, next week back to regular scheduled blogging!
Perhaps its the luxury of not being in front of the camera for a living, but working on these kind of projects with the amazing people we get to meet every day becomes kind of like the fun mucking around you would do with a bunch of friends.

Aside from the genuinely fun time I had lounging around in a hotel room in D&G, drinking wine and singing along (rather badly) to Feetwood Mac, it was also completely interesting – as shoots always are – watching the team at work.

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