Monday, November 28, 2022
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Wonderful Purse


Here are the pictures as promised of one of my favorite stores it is one stop for kitsch and everything pretty ,I love how this store houses a lot independent Indian designer’s, instead of spending on an Aldo or Promod I so prefer coming here . 2 of my favorite pieces a pair of really pretty brocade boots and a hot bag which was actually a gift are from here .Wanted to pick up an oversize clutch here when I was recently in Bangalore but me being me went there on a Monday = weekly off for The Orange Bicycle so you guys plan your trip on days other than a Monday and you sure won’t be disappointed.

A fashion brand that wins not on fashion, but on logistics. It is no real surprise that they could come in and sweep the Australian fashion scene like a gargantuan broom; nor is it really a surprise that, with Zara’s first stores only now opening in Australia, our retail scene turned out to be just dust for the sweeping.  Too much of the world both Zara and Mango (MNG as the latter is known in Australia) are just two high-street stores that loom over virtually every street corner. And in those cities of saturation one might consider that there’s no competition: like Zara’s 8 million+ Facebook fans to Mangos sub-2 million, the former simply overshadows the latter. But what about those places in which Zara presence hasn’t yet been felt?



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