5 Advices for Throwing the Perfect Bachelor Party


At last, you finally decided to tie the knot, but before the said date, you’d like to say goodbye to Bachelorhood with a blast or should I say BANG, enter Bachelor Party 101

Here are 5 minimal tips on how to throw on

1. Save

Do you know what every bachelor party does not need? It doesn’t need a mopey dude who bitches about how much everything costs. Yes, the weekend will cost you money. Just swallow it. And brace yourself for it by budgeting in advance, way in advance, like 3 – 6 months out.

2. Sketch out a plan

That’s sort of generic, so here’s something more specific (albeit technical and military-sounding) that’s more helpful. You need an itinerary that’s a Strategic, Tactical, Ready to Implement Plan that Properly Executes Resources. (That’s sort of a mouthful… if only it had an acronym.) I can’t think of one. Your plan needs to avoid these two extremes: so detailed that you’re like Clark Griswold in European Vacation, planning a joyless, minute-by-minute trip that squeezes the fun out of everything… or so loose that you all get to Montreal (or whatever) and say, okay, what do we do now?

3. Start an I’m-fired-up email chain

Build anticipation. Hype it. When you were a kid, the best part of a birthday or Christmas or a vacation or whatever was looking forward to it, not, necessarily, the actual trip itself. Embrace that. A few weeks before the bachelor party, someone should kick off an email chain that just falls short of incriminating evidence.

4. Have a dress rehearsal

This depends on the group, on the event, and on the logistics. Here’s an example. Last year I was part of a Vegas bachelor party. By pure coincidence, The Hangover came out a month before the big weekend. So, a few weeks before Vegas, the entire crew pre-drank, loaded up the flasks, and we all caught The Hangover together. This made Vegas feel like even more of an event, and it got the good vibes flowing early.  Look at it this way: brides have 147 mini-events before the wedding. Why can’t the groom get a mini-event before the bachelor party?

5. Know the boundaries

This one’s less fun. Sorry. But it needs to be said. Before you go online to www.SluttiestAndHottestSkanksinMiami.com, hoping to reserve the Twin Special for the groom, you need to know his parameters. Some grooms simply don’t want to go to strip clubs. Some do, but their fiancées have put if off the table. If that’s the case, you’re not doing him any favors by guilting him into a lapdance.  Best case, you put him into an awkward spot. Worst case, you risk jeopardizing his relationship with his fiancée or his relationship with you. Respect the boundaries.