My 2016 Year in Review


When 2016 started we knew it would be a tough year for the Nigerian economy and braced ourselves accordingly. It was indeed a difficult period due to the devaluation of currency, recession etc. As an organization, I believe we have done fairly well to see it through these turbulent times. Keeping this as a backdrop some of my 2016 high-points are:

Growing customer base: In the tough economic environment we managed to add new customers to our books and I am very pleased with that. We are committed to providing the best services to these customers whether they are individuals, small businesses or big businesses.

eSUSU going LIVE: We launched a new service for our customers called eSUSU. Save with friends, and borrow for free regardless of credit status. It’s truly beyond banking and is really social. I am sure our customers will find great value in eSUSU and will use our platform to save money.

Increase in Diamond Mobile app users: In the start of 2016 we had 800,000 users for the Diamond Mobile application and today the number has crossed 1.6 Million. This two-fold increase in the number of users demonstrates the potential of digital banking in Nigeria. Our customers transfer over two trillion Naira a year on this platform alone, making money move around faster and speeding up the process of exchange of trade.

Appointment at Women’s World Banking Board of Trustees: I have been a great advocate of inclusion of women in banking and we have been a partner with Women’s World Banking for some years now. My appointment as a Board of Trustees shows that our work in this area has been seen and appreciated. For me, personally, it is not a Corporate Social Responsibility but a sustainable business proposition.

As an organization we have learnt a lot in 2016. I am an optimist and though 2017 might be a bit of challenge, it will surely be better. Wishing you all happy holidays and a very Happy New Year. 


Source: My 2016 Year in Review: | Uzoma Dozie | Pulse | LinkedIn.